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Jojoba Oil 50ml
Jojoba Oil 50ml

Jojoba Oil 50ml


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50 mls 

Jojoba Oil is a nourishing carrier oil.  This is actually a wax and a very close match to the sebum produced naturally by your skin.

A wax like this does not go rancid. 

The Native Americans used jojoba to treat sores, cuts, eczema and burns.  Excellent as a hair treatment. 

Beneficial as a skin conditioner and for soothing after sun burn. Widely used in cosmetics. This is hypoallergenic and non toxic.

The oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant.

Jojoba oil penetrates the human skin extremely well regulating the skins moisture balance and increasing the elasticity.  It is fast acting.   The reduction of facial lines is visible within 1 hour.   Jojoba contains natural vitamin E and helps prevent dry skin.  Maintaining the skins 'natural acid mantle and it promotes the formation of new skin.

An excellent oil for hair conditioners.  Good for stretch marks, lightens and heals scars. Treats acne and rashes.   Often used as a base for oil perfumes.


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