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Citric Acid 500 grm
Citric Acid 500 grm

Citric Acid 500 grm


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Citric acid is derived from sugar cane.  The crystallization process occurs by a submerged fermentation process.   Citric Acid is used primarily to help extend the shelf life of a product. It also helps with retaining a products texture and appearance. 

A base ingredient for  Bath Bombs, Bath Fizz and other bath products. 

Citric acid blends well and does not leave a gritty texture. 

Citric Acid is water and alcohol soluble.  

A very useful and effective preservative obtained from naturally occurring organic acids.   This exists in many different fruits and vegetables but especially in lemons and limes.  Present in almost every life form, it is easily metabolized and eliminated from the body. 

Recognized safe for use in cosmetics by all major regulatory bodies. 

A white powder which can easily be dissolved and included in recipes by heating in the liquid.  

Size   :   500 gms

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